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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I care for my rollers?

A. Your rollers are self cleaning through the steam in the microwave oven. Be careful NOT TO OVER HEAT. See instructions for details. You can download a PDF for the Sweet Roll instructions here.

Q. Should I use any product in my hair before rolling?

A. You SHOULD NOT use any product in your hair prior to rolling it. You may shampoo, condition and even blow-dry your hair, but you should NOT add product. Women have used a mousse or gel product sparingly and found the results to be fine. Sweet Roll will give you the sleek, healthy look you desire with its all natural ingredients that steams and conditions the hair as it is setting.


Q. Can I use Sweet Roll in my hair a second day if I have already used a hair straightener?

A. Best results come from following the instructions. However, many women have been able to use Sweet Roll on a second day after a hair straightener has been used. The conditioning effect will still work; however, the curls may not be as tight as preferred.


Q. Does Sweet Roll only work on specific types of hair?

A. The best part about Sweet Roll is that it works in ALL types of hair. Two sizes are available to give tighter or looser curl, depending on preference.


Q. Why does Sweet Roll come in two shades if I am only taking it out after curling?

A. Sweet Roll has many features. The fashionable roll can be left in the hair for a variety of classy looks. The Sweet Bun and Sweet Puff are just a couple of options for the Sweet Roll. Be sure to check out our blog and videos for additional ideas how you can use your Sweet Roll. The delicious colors available compliment all hair colors to use Sweet Roll as a style to wear in public.





Q. How can I order Sweet Roll?

A. Sweet Roll is EASY to order! Order online at It is safe, secure and simple. You can also call         855-289-7933.





Q. Is it safe to order on your website?

A. Sweet Roll is a secure order site. Our site uses the best encryption technology available in the industry.


Q. Do I have to pay sales tax on this product?

A. If you live in the state of Ohio you will have to pay sales tax.




Q. How long will it take to receive my Sweet Roll?

A. Your order is received the moment you place it and we work diligently to get it to you as soon as possible, usually 4 business days. Due to logistics, Sweet Roll may arrive in 2-4 weeks. Orders are being expedited for the holidays and it is our goal to deliver Sweet Roll before the holidays with every possible effort. Call us if you're local, we'll work to accommodate you!




Q. Is Sweet Roll covered by a warranty?

A. Your Sweet Roll has been carefully manufactured with exceptional care in the USA! Our team has taken special steps to ensure a perfect product, but we understand periodic defects can occurr. Should your product be defective, please return the complete product to the address below and we will ship a new one right out to you. It is important that you follow ALL instructions for heating and care. If you burn the product by keeping it in the microwave past the tested time, your product will NOT be covered under our Manufacturing Warranty.


Q. What address should I return my product to?

A. Please follow our return procedures located here: Product Returns.

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