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Getting the word out

Look at these curls!

This year is shaping up to become an extraordinary year for the Sweet Roll Hairstyler. We have a lot going on. I’m happy to say, we are in the process of trying new forms of advertising--TV and radio!

We absolutely love the many kind words we read from our Facebook fans. Work of mouth is the greatest testimony of our product and the same can be said in social media. Sweet Roll Hairstyler is the absolute healthiest and quickest way to beautiful hair curls! But we need to let even more women know of its many benefits.

I recently spent a day in a studio shooting our TV commercial. Wow what a long day for such a short commercial. We are doing a 30 second spot and I had to roll and reroll my hair several times. There were intense lights focused on my hair and Sweet Roll held up to the challenge great! But the most intense part of it all is editing the final spot. I’m a very creative type and can visualize everything in my head. Luckily for me our video editor is really good to work with. Thanks Ern!

I also finished up our radio spot. There isn’t as much involved with just audio but it does take up time. Having been a singer and songwriter my whole life, I’m at ease in a recording studio. I’ve been with Danny, my sound producer, for a long time and he truly is that best!

Well if all goes well the Cleveland and Pittsburgh market will get to know Sweet Roll Hairstyler a little better! Things are shaping up for us and we’re so blessed to have you along for the ride!



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