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My sister loved her present! She was asking a coworker if she could borrow HER sweet rolls, then I gave her some of her own for Christmas! 

Geri P.

I love this product!! I recently came across The Sweet Roll and it's literally the most amazing invention for women to date. It's an organic hair curler that curls your hair in 5-30 minutes, not to mention if you roll it in one bow it looks just like a bun so you can go out in public without anyone knowing it's hair curlers!

Model & Co-founder of Petite Magnifique

Seriously saves me so much time! Looks like I've spent an hour rolling hot rollers. I'm on my 3rd and 4th set. I've used them since first marketed and after you replaced my first that our dog ate, my daughter keeps using them. So she leaves next yr for college and I bought myself some new ones. No regrets ever.

Tina V.

I'm pretty impressed. I wake up brush my hair and put my sweet rolls in. Get dressed do my makeup, get the girls dressed and ready for school. As we are walking out the door I pull the sweet rolls out and flip my head a couple times. And it's done !! No more standing in the mirror for 30 minutes curling it!

Lea M.

Louisville, KY

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