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Sweet Roll can be used on all hair types and styles.  Individuals have different needs:




Asian hair is curl-resistant.  During the rolling process the ends can be particularly stubborn.  Once hair has been brushed forward and you’re holding onto the end, spray a little water on the tips to make them more pliable. 


*Gel/Mousse can be used in small amounts.

*Leave Sweet Roll in longer to insure lasting curls.





African hair is soft and curly.  It is beneficial to lightly spray or wet-brush water through hair just prior to rolling Sweet Roll.  The steam coupled with the damp hair neutralizes the shaft resulting in smooth curls.


*It is not necessary to straighten hair prior to using Sweet Roll.  (Though SR still works on it) 

*Oil-based products/Conditioners/Relaxers used in excess will hinder results.






Fine hair is easily curled.  Not as much curling time is needed. 


*If hair is extremely thin take care not to heat Sweet Roll too much.  You should never be uncomfortable with the heat.  If you feel a burning sensation, remove SR immediately.







Baby hair is silky.  Young hair tends to be slippery by nature.  Hair should be long enough to roll Sweet Roll in 2 or 3 turns.


*Some scalps on younger children may be too sensitive.  Take care not to overheat Sweet Roll and be aware of the child’s reaction.  If they are uncomfortable with the heat or weight of SR, remove it immediately.





Thick hair is heavy.  It is recommended that 2 or 3 Sweet Rolls be used.  Two large SRs create loose waves and three small SRs make a tighter curl.


*Leave Sweet Roll in longer to insure lasting curls.

*Extremely thick hair should be thinned out professionally for best results.







Synthetic hair is easily curled.   Wigs/Extensions/Weaves get great results.  Follow the rolling instructions as directed.


*Separate locks can be set individually prior to sewing or pinning into hair.  After heating Sweet Roll in the microwave wrap the lock around SR then set aside to cool.








Layered hair gets great results.  As long as the hair is long enough to wrap around Sweet Roll 1 or 2 times the results are dramatic.  

Before              After

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