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The elevator pitch: In less than a minute, Laura describes Sweet Roll at the Invention & New Product Exposition convention for inventors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Sweet Roll on the news: When the Sweet Roll became available for purchase inventor Laura Anzevino was interviewed and explained how the Sweet Roll works.

Focus group testimonials: Watch what this focus group had to say about using the Sweet Roll. These are authentic reactions.

Instructional video:  1) Heats in seconds 2) Rolls in seconds 3) Beautiful results in minutes!

Beach Hair: the video to the left demonstrates how easy it is to get perfect Beach Hair in just minutes!

What is Sweet Roll?


It’s the quickest, easiest and most fashionable way to style your hair. It’s the only roller in existence that can set an entire head of hair with one single roller. The rolling process takes one minute per roller, and since you’ll never need to use more than three, the most time it takes is three minutes tops. Curl setting time depends on the length and thickness of your hair. Some women have reported results in as little as five, ten or fifteen minutes, while others have said twenty to thirty. Regardless, it’s still much faster than hot rollers or curling irons, because your hands are freed up to do other things while Sweet Roll sets your hair for you. Removing the Sweet Roll takes only seconds, and it will never get tangled in your hair. You simply take it out and shake out your glamorous locks.


Have fun creating a variety of styles using different rolling methods. You can have traditional medium sized curls; you can create loose or tight curls; you can create a very subtle wave; you can create spring like curls depending on which rolling technique you utilize. Create the latest craze, Beach Hair! The possibilities are endless. It’s fun just being creative with Sweet Roll and experimenting on your very own styles. Sweet Roll is attractive and can literally be worn as part of your hair accessory.  


Sweet Roll can even be used to create one of the hottest new looks in hairstyles today, by rolling a thin section at the crown and combing the front hair back over it. We call it the “Sweet Puff.” It works much better than similar products on the market, because you can’t see it in your hair, due to the fact that a small section of your own hair is wrapped around it keeping it completely concealed underneath. Also, it won’t slip out of your hair like those other products do. Find out how in our instructional video!


With Sweet Roll, there are no more time consuming rollers or curling irons. Traditional rollers are known to get tangled and damage your hair, and curling irons can literally burn your hair and skin. Perms are known to severely damage hair and your style options are limited. Sweet Roll emits a creamy steam that literally improves the texture of your hair smoothing out any frizz and adding a healthy shine and bounce.      


Sweet Roll is environmentally friendly. It gets the seal of approval for being an effective green product. If a child should happen to get into it, there are no worries because it’s completely safe. We, here at Get-Set-Go, are very excited about this amazing product. Please feel free to come back and visit our website for more details and updates.


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